We aim to schedule all the firings ASAP, however, if we are busy, the turnaround can be up to 2-3 weeks.

For urgent firings, email us on decimaclaystudio@gmail.com prior to booking!
  • 2 test kilns
  • 2 large top-loading kilns
  • 1 large front-loading kiln
  • Customise your firing schedule (from 0°C to 1260°C)
  • Assistance with kiln loading and firing schedule 
  • Bisque temperature: 0-1100C
  • Glaze temperature: 0 - 1260C

Unfortunately, due to the recent increase in electricity cost (our provider has doubled the price) we have to raise our firing costs temporarily. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Small Kiln (Test) - SKUTT or KITTEC
Internal Dimentions 30(H) x 36(D)cm

Bisque £40

Glaze £48

Large Top Loading Kiln  - SKUTT
Internal Dimentions 67(H)x65(D)cm
Bisque £72

Glaze £86

Large Front Loading Kiln -NABERTHERM
Internal Dimentions 85(H)x52(W)x58(D)
Bisque £84

Glaze £96

Desk space for glazing (1 hour) £25
Minimum 2hrs booking 
Subject to availability



After you have made the booking online we will be in touch within the next few hours in order to arrange the firing with you. In your confirmation email you will find the form - please fill it up in order for us to know the details of your firing. 

We try to be as accomodating as possible and book the firings as soon as we can.
However, when the studio is busy, the waiting time can be up to 3 weeks.  

If the firing is urgent, please contact us in advance, before booking, to make sure we have an opening in the schedule. 
When we have arranged the firing date and time, we will ask you yo deliver your work to our studio.


You may need to be present for both loading and unloading the kiln, depending on the nature of your work. Depending on the size of your kiln the wait time once firing has commenced can be up to 3 days to allow the kiln to cool fully.  
There will always be a technician present to assist if you require it.

Please note that we cannot fire anything that creates a vast amount of smoke: paper clay, clay with organic materials, newspaper et.c. 

Anything wet will not be allowed in the kiln as it will damage the elements.

We have sand available for use but if you are worried about glaze dripping onto the shelves please provide your own sacrificial clay slabs or tiles to fire under any hazardous pieces.

Make sure to properly wipe any bases from glaze in advance.


We will let you know in advance when the pieces will be fired and ready to collect. Make sure to collect the work on the day agreed. 


If you require storage for a large amount of packaging, fired work or anything else - we can provide it for an extra fee.

If after the bisque firing you need desk space to glaze your work in our studio - book it by the hour. Please, bring your own glaze, tools, materials. 

If you need more than 1-2 hours, it would be more economical to book a studio session.


If your work causes any damage to the kiln (shelf, elements, ceramic bricks, thermocouple etc.) you will be liable for repair costs or replacements. While all care is taken handling your work, Decima Clay Studio is not responsible for breakages or glaze mishaps that happen during the firing.

We ask to please feel free to ask ahead if you have any queries.

Please, read all the Terms&Condition.