Personal Tutorial & Technical Consultation

By purchasing this service you are agreeing to the terms, conditions and guidelines set out in this document.


  1. Arrive on time of your allocated session. We cannot refund or extend sessions due to late arrivals.
  2. Custom session designed around the particular requirements of the maker. We will agree the date and time at your convenience. Prior the tutorial we will arrange a short consultation to determine your individual needs and prepare for the session.
  3. Send all the required info 24 hours prior to your session so that the teacher can structure your lesson according to your needs.


Personal tutorials and Technical consultations don’t include materials or firings. 
Please bring your own sketchbook and drawing/writing materials for note taking and design sketching.


This course is taking place at the Bermondsey studio or online via Zoom call.

3 Decima Studios
17-19 Decima street
London, UK


If for any reason you can no longer attend your course please inform us prior to 48 hours before your session for a full refund. Failure to notify us in advance will mean you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

If a session cannot go ahead due to government changes of COVID restrictions in the UK we will try our best to reschedule your session or reimburse you for the cost of the affected lesson(s). All our teachers are vaccinated and test regularly for COVID and we ask that our makers please be considerate of others. 


Decima Clay shall not be held responsible in the event of an injury caused in the premises and/or student(s) failure to adhere to the safety guidelines.

Should any repairs be the result of any student(s) conduct and/or failure to adhere to the safety guidelines they may be liable for associated costs.


Clay, glazes and other materials found within a ceramic studio contain Silica which is a harmful substance. When clay dries out, dust can form and become airborne causing you to breathe it into your lungs which cannot filter it out. Long term exposure to this dust can result in Silicosis and other associated lung diseases.

Here is what to do to minimise exposure:
  • Clean your work area with water at the end of your session. This includes tools and equipment, tables, walls and floor.
  • Do not create dust: do not sand dry clay – use a wet sponge. If you have to sand bisque ware or plaster use wet-and-dry sand paper and lots of water (immerse object in the bucket filled with water).
  • Never sweep the studio. Use the bucket and the mop and change the water frequently.
  • Do not dry fettle - fettling is when you tidy up pieces by shaving or trimming off excess clay with a grater, metal kidney, metal tool etc. Only fettle clay when it is leather hard. If your piece is bone dry and you really want to neaten it up, use a damp sponge.
  • If you’re using dry materials (e.g. powdered oxides, dry glaze materials etc.) please ensure the windows are open and you or anyone else who is around you in the studio while you’re using them are wearing respirators with particulate filters.

Other health and safety notes in the studio:
  • All glazes in the studio are safe to the best of current knowledge and do not contain lead or barium. Please read the list of ingredients when purchasing ceramic glazes or colourants.
  • Do not load/unload/operate or remove anything from the kilns. A technician will do this. Please also ensure you don't leave anything around or on the kiln.
  • Do not operate any of the machines in the studio without the supervision of the technician on duty or without a proper induction.
  • Ensure that the floorway and routes to the fire exit are not cluttered - keep a tidy workspace.
  • Use a trolley to move heavy objects and materials.
  • In case of an accident please inform the teacher/technician on duty.


We may, at our discretion, review and amend our terms and conditions at any time. In the event of this, we will send an updated copy to all existing members and upload it to our website

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