Decima Studio Borough  SE1 6ED
1-5 Newington Causeway
- 6 WEEKS -
7pm - 9.30pm

This course is a 6-week ceramic course with an emphasis on expanding on your basic ceramic skills while training you to work independantly & help you to develop your conceptual thinking.  
 On the Extensive Course you will learn:
-Making maker’s stamp
-Artist’s cup
-Multi-part large hand-built forms (teapots, vases etc.)
-Wheel-throwing session
-Specialist techniques ( imprints)
-Decorating techniques (glazing, underglaze)

At the end of the course you will work on your own pottery project using the new skills you have leant in the first half of the course. Our tutors will be there every step of the way to advise and help you create.

This course is intended for some pottery experience, those who have completed our Beginner Course , or an equivalent (have had some basic experience with clay) and would like to widen their skillbase in ceramics while learning to work on their individual projects.


02/11, 09/11, 16/11, 23/11, 30/11, 07/12
7-00 PM -
9-30 PM

More course dates at the bottom of the page.︎︎︎


  • Comprehensive course covering 5 various pottery techniques
  • Dedicated time at the end for development of an artistic project 
  • Learning new techniques through practice
  • Taught by professional ceramic artists


  • Complete beginners
  • Makers with some basic experience wanting to deepen their knowledge
  • People who took our Beginner course or an equivalent elsewhere
  • Ideal gift for ceramic enthusiasts
If you have no pior pottery experience we suggest booking our Beginner course first, or get in touch to see if this course is appopiate fo you.


  • 6 week course
  • Class duration 2.5 hours
  • Once a week (Thursday night)
  • Small group: max. 8 per session
  • Produce 5-10 finished works
  • No hidden fees - all materials and firings included


Week 1
Textures, Platters & Maker’s Mark
  • Introduction to creative slab-building technique
  • Plant/shell/ornament imprints
  • Carving your own plaster Maker’s Mark
  • Making an artist’s mug 
Week 2
Multi-part Shapes
  • Learning and combining pinching and hand building techniques
  • Joining techniques
  • Learning time management for working on complex shapes
  • Creating a large teapot/vase/sculpture
Week 3
Project day 1
  • Working on developing your own project with a help of the tutor
  • You can make tableware set/sculptue/interior vase/jewellery set/ anything you like using the techniques you have learned
Week 4
Project day 2
  • Continuing to work on your project
  • Planning the decoration with underglaze/sgraffito/glazes/pencils.
Week 5

Wheel-throwing & Project day 3
  • Learning wheel-throwing technique
  • Making small objects on the wheel
Week 6
Glazes &  Decoration
  • Introduction to glazes, underglazes & glaze testing
  • Learning about the use of slips, resists, block print and sgraffito.
  • Glazing previous week’s work.
Before booking the course, please read our TERMS&CONDITIONS