This summer we are in the process of moving studios - a very exciting change for us!


  • From 8th June we will no longer be in our old location on Newington Causeway.
  • This summer we will operate at a reduced capacity at our interim location on Decima Street:
    3 Decima Studios, 17-19 Decima Street, SE1 4QR
  • This summer we are offering: 
  • Collection of work will be in the old studio on Newington Causeway until 8th of June, after that - in our temporary location on Decima Street. 
  • All the courses and drop-in sessions will resume soon - in the meantime please join the waiting lists. 


Where are you moving to?
We can’t yet confirm the exact location, but rest assured we will be within the same neighbourhood.

When will you be re-opening?
We’re working as hard as possible to make the transition a quick one! In the meantime though, why don’t you check out our reduced schedule which we will be running from our original studio on Decima Street (just up the road in Bermondsey). We will still be running some your favourite 1 day workshops, Events and kiln rentals.

What’s happening to Decima in the meantime?
From the 8th of June we will be running a reduced workshop schedule from Decima Street Studios (3 Decima Studios, 17-19 Decima street). Collections will also be taking place from there, kiln rental and our private hire event service will be running too. Keep up to date with further developments on the new location by signing up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram. 

Will I still be able to collect my work?
Yes! From the 8th of June onwards we will still be running 2 collection slots a week from our temporary Decima Street studio. In short, your work will still be ready 2 weeks after your class took place but we will be storing pieces for longer to accommodate for the change of location. We’ve also reduced the delivery costs if you would like to have your pieces posted to you instead. Check out the “COLLECTING YOUR WORK” page for more info.

I have an ongoing Bundle package for the Drop-in with un-used slots, what should I do?
We should have already been in touch, but if we haven’t reached out to you yet then please let us know by contacting Emma at decimaclaystudio@gmail.com. We will get in touch with you individually again at the end of May with the option to be re-funded for any unused class slots or you can keep the credit and use it when we open up in our new space!