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Hey there! We're a cozy ceramic school right in the heart of London, and we're super excited about the idea of adding a new member to our fantastic team!

Please apply by 10th of February, Please send us your CV and a short cover letter to


Studio Technician
9 hours/week


● 9 Hours a week to begin with (our positions usually grow)
● Most work will take place on-site at the studio in Borough.

The studio technician’s working hours will be distributed evenly between Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday.

Exact working hours/days will be discussed with the candidate individually


Taking care of student work:
  • Kiln Loading/unloading/glazing the work with transparent glaze approx twice a week.
  • Organising unfired work shelving.
  • Taking care of the work labelling system.
  • Preparing the work for collection.

Facilitating private Kiln Hire:

  • Facilitating Loading/Unloading of the private kiln hires (while working closely with the admin & management team) 

Material prep:

Material prep tasks will be given by the studio manager depending on the studio needs and may include:

  • Clay recycling 
  • Mixing Glaze (adding water to pre-made glaze)
  • Mixing coloured slip 
  • Re-stocking materials in the classroom.
  • Making props for the studio (test tiles, etc)
  • Kiln maintanance: Cleaning Kiln shelves
  • Cleaning the studio after yourself and mantaining a general sense of order. 


The ideal candidate should have intermediate/advanced technical skills in ceramics and a good knowledge of kiln firing, clay and glaze formulation.

Collaboration with the studio team is crucial (the team is: Studio owners, Manager, Admin and Studio assistant).
The Ceramic Technician must consistently work on improving the organization and functionality of the studio independantly and following the lead of Studio Manager. 

Ideal Characteristics:
  • Be a team player
  • Be enthusiastic about ceramics, be a fast learner and hard worker 
  • Good knowledge and experience in ceramics
  • Interest in ongoing learning and professional development
  • Reliability and trustworthiness in completing tasks
  • Ability to navigate and use various computer technology programs and systems (Google Calendar, Google Keep, basic use of Exel et.c.)
We are a small studio, so even though we have systems in place, we would appreciate the ability to self-direct and anticipate tasks, and the willingness to improve the running of the studio.
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©2021 Decima Clay Studio